[IMAGE] Leslie Hardison - Owner/Founder/Inventor
Arinsco Optics was created by Les Hardison, who invented glasses that you could use at the theater,
on the TV screen and even have your kids wear while playing video games to make the screen
look like you're looking through a window, in three dimensions.
Hardison, a retired engineer with a degree in mechanical engineering and a long-time Florida resident, was sitting on his patio several years ago and started thinking about how people were able to see the world through 3D. Hardison said the first clue was when he discovered that in a mirror, you visualize in 3D. Hardison soon created, and has a worldwide patent for, a system for viewing ordinary TV without glasses in 3D by using a mirror image of the TV set, but the picture needs to be presented backwards in order to make it look right.
Also as well as being an inventor he is the author of three books "Why Edward Morley didn't Win the Noble Prize in Physics", "A New Light on the Expanding Universe" and "More Light on the Expanding Universe".
 Jennifer Jahn - General Manager [IMAGE]
Jennifer's background is in healthcare, she hold a bachelor’s degree in Nursing and a master’s degree in Nursing, HealthCare Administration. She took a plunge and left my nursing career behind and now my energy is being focused as an independent retailer at Arinsco Optics. As the General Manager, we firmly believe that you must give back to the public. In 2015, our first year in business, we have helped to support our community by donating a portion of our proceeds to a local PEO chapter which supports women in the community with the expense of higher education! Looking forward into 2016, we already have ideas and events planned where a portion of our proceeds will be donated to help local groups in our community. Working in Hospice nursing for 10 years, of course we will be donating money to the newly formed Southwest Florida Hospice and Palliative Nurses Association local chapter. My children both have a soft spot in their hearts for animals, therefore they attended their first quarter auction through PB&J Animal Rescue. Tyler and Gavin, my boys, would love for Arinsco Optics to begin a partnership to support and help spread awareness to get loving, abused and neglected animals new and devoted homes/families. Her father in law, currently battles with Alzheimer's disease. This is near and dear to our family’s heart so we thoroughly enjoy the annual "Brushstrokes for the Soul for Alzheimer's" event each year. We are looking at ways to join forces with local charities to spread the word about their organization. We have recently joined the Cape Coral Chamber of Commerce, which takes pride in the betterment of their community and we intend on being active members that work together for a greater cause.

Read more about Jennifer - Click Here
[IMAGE]Julie Mezzatesta - Office Manager
Julie started with Arinsco Optics almost immediately upon opening.
  She assists in every aspect of the company and is willing to learn and teach.
  If you have a question she will find the answer!
[IMAGE]Diane Haines - Sales Associate
Diane works part time, filling in when Jennifer and
Julie need time off for their kid's schooling activities. 
She also assists at "events",  and is our "Girl Friday"
every Tuesday and Thursday!
Ryley Mezzatesta - Team Assembler
Ryley started at Arinsco Optics, assembling our first generation glasses.
He is attending college and we hope to keep him here part time.  

Dorothy "Dee Dee" Wilkins - Seasonal Associate
Dee Dee comes to assist our company in the summer time when
she is not teaching (her primary career).  She helps in all aspects of
our business and we are grateful to have her even if it is part time.

"Our Glasses aren't Magic,
But They Produce a Magical Effect!"


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[IMAGE]3D viewing experience

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