"2D -> 3D" GLASSES

"Our Glasses aren't Magic,
But they Produce a Magical Effect!"

3D viewing experience
 Arinsco Optics 3D glasses
Blue Frame
 3D viewing experience
Red Frame
 Arinsco Optics 3D glasses
Red Frame

2D – 3D Home Entertainment
Whether it's a sports game or a documentary about nature and travel, your favorite TV shows are presented as if you're on set. Images appear lifelike and in detailed display. Our new and improved second generation "C3D" product doesn't offer the same effect as perfect 3D, but by using them, you feel as if you are looking through a window where the action is taking place on the other side. This is a definite enhancement of the 3D effect that you cannot achieve without the glasses.

These glasses:
Are easy-to-wear 2D to 3D and come in several different frame colors.
Arinsco Optics glasses can be used anywhere in the world when you travel.
Our glasses come with high quality lenses and comfortable frames.
Images appear lifelike and in detailed display to help improve you’re viewing immensely!
No special type of TV is required, as long as it is in high definition.
Our team of experts are here to answer any questions.

Care instructions for glasses:

3D viewing experience

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"Our Glasses aren't Magic,
But They Produce a Magical Effect!"


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[IMAGE]3D viewing experience

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