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The Arinsco 2D->3D glasses function by redirecting the tracking of the viewer’s eyes so that each actually sees a different image on the TV screen. The brain interprets this, not as a blurred picture, but rather as a 3D picture where the action is occurring beyond the TV screen.
Arinsco Optics Instructions  
They work the best if the TV set is at a normal, comfortable viewing distance of 10 to 15 feet. Optimum viewing is usually obtained when the TV screen is the brightest objects in the room. It is not necessary to sit directly in front of the TV set. Look at the TV not as a picture on the wall, but rather as a window, through which you are viewing the scene outside.

Scenes that provide the best 3D viewing are those with both near and far objects, taken with flat focus video recorders that put both near and far object in clear focus, and where the camera moves a good deal with the action. Televised football games are good examples of the best 3D effects. You may find that they work even better when viewing movies in a theater —- regular, 2D movies will appear as 3D.

Bright lights directly to your left or right may produce distracting vertical lines in your visual field and should be avoided if possible. It is not necessary to sit directly in front of the TV set.

We do not guarantee that this product will work for everyone. In fact, we know it won’t. People with an array of vision problems do not find our method of enhancing 2D video material to be effective. People with normal vision have a wide range of ability to interpret the duplicate images as 3D pictures. You may find that on initial use you see double. Often this goes away after a few minutes. If not, you need glasses with a reduced offset. We will be happy to exchange them for you.

Others may require more or less pronounced modification of the visual tracking process. We can often accommodate people who have special problems in realizing the expected depth enhancement. The simplest way to get the best performance is to visit our store, where we have a number of alternative strength glasses available for trial.

If the outer lenses become dirty or get finger prints on them, they may be wiped clean with an ordinary soft eyeglass cleaning tissue and with eyeglass cleaning mist.  It is best to avoid touching the lenses with your fingers, as fingerprints are the most common cause of blurred images.

Our special eyewear is designed to enhance and exaggerate the perception of depth in flat panel TV viewing. It should never be worn when doing anything else but viewing a TV, gaming device, or movie screen. This is because they change the normal tracking of the human eye, so as to make the perception of depth dependent on the mind of the wearer for gauging the distance to objects. They may cause dangerous accidents if worn while engaging in such activities as going up, or particularly down, stairs, operating an automobile or other vehicle.

So, please, leave your 3D eyewear at your favorite TV chair, but not where small children can get them. They can have accidents too.

While we are relatively certain that the use of this product, even over extended periods of time, will not contribute to any type of optical problem, there is always the possibility that there may be an exception, so we suggest that if any visual problem is experienced after using the eyewear we furnish, one contact ones optometrist and ask for his or her evaluation and advice.

Naturally, we guarantee our product to be free of defects in workmanship and material, and will gladly replace any item which does not meet your expectations without questions other than “How might we have done better?” Return the product to us by mail or UPS or bring it into our store, and we will send you a replacement or refund as you request. If you have a constructive criticism, we would be pleased to hear it.

Fine (not really very fine) Print
Everyone likes to protect themselves from blame if a mishap occurs, and we are no different.

We sincerely hope that you never have anything serious happen to yourselves or your family for any reason, but particularly in connection with the use of our product. This is why we go out of our way to point out the situations where it is not appropriate to use the product, or may actually be inclined to contribute to an accident.

Therefore, we disclaim any responsibility of any sort for injury or harm of any sort which may be attributed in whole or in part to the products, and our maximum liability for any such claim will be limited to the cost of the product.

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